Make It Modular S197 Mustang Parts Now Available!

Make It Modular S197 Mustang Parts Now Available!

Oct 30th 2020

Make It  Modular S197 Steering Spacer Kit05-14 MUSTANG FULL ANGLE KIT

Make it Modular's S197 Mustang parts are now available at Drift American! MIM's owner, Matt Soppa has developed parts that will meet any 05-14 Mustang drifter's needs. The 05-14 Mustang Steering Rack Spacer Kit ($30) provides up to 10 degrees of additional steering angle for a rock bottom price. 

For those of you who want big angle, Make it Modular's 05-14 Mustang Full Angle Kit up to 57 degrees of lead wheel angle and only 3 degrees of Ackerman at full lock! The American-made kit retails for $1,200 and includes:

  • Tubular, extended lower control arms, with rear mounts
  • Billet Spindle Spacers made from 7075-T6 Aerospace Aluminum
  • Custom extended tie rods
  • All Hardware needed to complete install 

Check out the full line of Make it Modular parts at!