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Take your Mustang to the next level with our Drift Parts!

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Driver: Tony Chard. Photo by Tyler Mantz.

While most Mustang owners know what a thrill it is to do burnouts, throw the car around, slide corners and drive like an absolutely lunatic, it seems the majority of owners decide to add more power before adding suspension components. These kind of enthusiasts do little to help our reputation as Mustang owners when they are sliding over the curb at cars and coffee. 

Fortunately, for those of us with enough common sense, there are parts designed to help our Mustang perform just the way we want it to. Suspension experts such as Maximum Motorsports have mastered the Mustang platform, and design parts that far exceed stock performance. While many of their parts work very well in drift applications, there are specific parts that are needed for drifting that they do not offer. 

That's where we come in. Here at Drift American, we specialize in high quality parts that will drastically improve the performance of your Mustang as a drift car, and help you keep up with all the import guys and their WiseFab.

Help us show the import guys (and the world) that Mustangs and their owners can handle driving on the edge of control and compete with the best platforms in the world.