Thank you for your patience!

Thank you for your patience!

Jun 7th 2021

Dear loyal customers,

We appreciate your continued patience with product delays. While these delays vary drastically by the week, demand, specific part, supplier, etc., we are doing our best to get caught back up on critical inventory and we know that our suppliers are as well. The shutdown started to really affect our supply chain in the later part of last year, which has continued through the first part of this year coupled with strong consumer demand creating a major lack of supply of parts and components.

Still waiting on parts? 

We apologize that you are still waiting and we are just as anxious to get your parts to you as you are to get them! Please feel free to contact us via email, the Contact Us page, or via phone at 970-779-5615. We will answer your requests as soon as possible. Also, if you are curious about current or potential delays with products, you are always welcome to contact us before you order. 

We sincerely appreciate your continued patience and we will do our best to get your parts to you as soon as we can!