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  • Duncan Performance SN95 COBRA IRS Dual Caliper Brackets for 99/01, and 03/04 COBRA.

SN95 COBRA IRS Dual Caliper Brackets for 99/01 and 03/04 COBRA


Product Description

Duncan Performance COBRA IRS Dual Caliper Brackets for 99/01 and 03/04 COBRA

  • Allows for installation of dual factory calipers for a hydro brake setup
  • Fits 1999, 2001 and 03/04 Mustang COBRA 8.8'' Independent Rear Ends (Does NOT fit Solid Axle!)
  • Billet Aluminum plates and spacers
  • Includes coated hardware to prevent corrosion
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold as a pair

Please note: You must remove the knuckle and drill it out in order for these brackets to work! Please see the full instructions below for more information.

Install Instructions:

1. Remove the rear spindles from the car.

2. Remove the 2 bolts holding the brake dust shield.

3. Now it's time to drill the spindles. It is highly recommend to do the drilling on a drill press, but if you don't have access to one just make sure you drill in steps from the smallest drill bit using each size up to the final size drill bit which will be a 25/64ths. Anything bigger will allow play of the bracket and it will not sit straight on the rotor surface which will cause abnormal wear to the pads and rotors.

4. Once you have drilled both holes out, place the bracket back side of the spindle and place the 10mm bolts through. It should be a tight fit once both bolts are through. You may have to thread them in partially and or tap with a mallet. Secure using the provided 10mm nuts on the ends of the 10mm bolts and torque to 40-45 ft lbs.

5. Reinstall the spindle/knuckle on the car and install your brake rotor. Once the rotor is installed you can grab the 2 spacers provided in the kit, these will go between the dual caliper bracket you installed on the spindle and the secondary cobra brake caliper bracket. It is important that these spacers are used as the bracket will not line up without them. Use the provided caliper bracket bolts, some loctite if available, and torque to 40-45 ft lbs.

6. Install your caliper and make sure your bleeder is in the upright position. If it's not it will not bleed the air out of the system.(You might have to switch it with the opposite side to get it in the upright position)

7. Bleed brakes. Install and torque wheels and enjoy!

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